(Under) Confidence and Goal Choice in the Labor Market (Saurabh Bhargava and George Loewenstein)

Does the Size of the Black-White Wage Gap Depend on Who's Asking? (Saurabh Bhargava, Dan Black, and Jeffrey Grogger)   [Abstract]

Unemployment. We leverage a dataset on the job search behavior of several hundred thousand job seekers and a field experiment with job seekers to provide new evidence on how individuals search for jobs and the optimality of this search with respect to a standard model. We also aim to provide new evidence on the psychological consequences of unemployment and their effect on search and to test psychologically informed interventions intended to improve search efficacy. This work will have implications for the judicious design of unemployment insurance and job training and assistance programs.  Moreover, direct tests of low-cost and scalable interventions should offer concrete examples through which to reduce the role of psychological frictions.

published research


Bracha, Anat, Uri Gneezy, and George Loewenstein. Relative Pay and Labor Supply. Journal of Labor Economics, 33(2), 297-315, 2015. [PDF]