Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a radical idea for the USA. It would replace all welfare programs, unemployment payments, social security retirement and disability payments, and may reduce homelessness. Proposed plans put UBI hand-in-hand with Medicare for All, which I also support. If every adult citizen received a basic income, everyone will benefit. Housing and food for the poorest would be within reach. Minimum wage/working poor people would have more flexibility and not have to choose between bills and food. Families would have two or more incomes, enabling a parent or older sibling to stay home as caregivers. Middle- and upper-income workers would have extra funds to save for higher education for their children, pay off their own student loans, or save/invest funds for their future, thus contributing to economic growth. It will have a positive impact for women and people of color who are disproportionately stuck in a cycle of poverty. Our current welfare system is broken, so what better way than to roll up all of those agencies into one, and distribute funding to all citizens, without discrimination or costly and time-consuming bureaucracy.