During the last 60 years the people of the United States has lost faith in their government. According to polling that is been done by the Pew Research Center, in 1960, 80% of the people felt that the government would act in their best interest. By 2010 only 20% of the American electorate agreed. This loss of faith has undermined our ability to have a responsive government. It is my feeling that one of the large reasons for this loss of faith has been the emergence of wealthy donors who have a great influence over our elected representatives.

Research at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that public opinion has little or no influence on legislation. The greatest influence upon legislation is the opinion of the donor class. This is widely known by the electorate. And this is the reason for the loss of faith in the government.

To counteract this, we must do away with privately funded elections. Now, we choose our elected representatives by their ability to attract campaign contributions. This is not a good way to select decision-makers. We need a method of attracting intelligent people who can make good decisions to be our elected representatives. We need to restore the trust of our people in their government.

Publicly funding elections would go a long way to solve this problem. There are other things that must be done. We must do away with the ability of lobbyist to give money and things of value to our elected representatives. But doing away with privately funded elections would go a long way and restoring the American people’s faith in their government