I believe that criminal laws need to be clear in their intentions and their requirements and that law enforcement and the courts need to enforce those laws.  In particular, I am referring to crimes that include traditional areas of crime such as physical crimes and theft, but also include economic and financial crimes.  I do think that certain criminal laws dealing with minor and petty crimes need to be updated and then enforced.

The purpose of laws is to set expectations and limitations of behavior.  If those law are no longer relevant or correct, then they need to revised or eliminated.  If we believe are laws are appropriate and just, then they should be upheld and enforced.

Many people on the left feel that laws can be ignored when the context suggests that no crime has been committed.  My preference is that the laws should be clear, and if they are clear, they should be treated as the law.  No one is above the law.  This opens the door for unacceptable behavior for both the poor and the rich.  Neither privilege or poverty are excuses for criminal behavior.