In regards to gun control, I disagree with many on the left mainly because of a similar argument used for drug control: banning them simply will not be an effective policy. We've had a "war on drugs" for decades now, and it is still incredibly easy to obtain drugs.

I do believe that the 2nd Amendment has been misapplied and that possession of semi-automatic and automatic weapons is not some absolute right. Those weapons are not meant for self defense or hunting, and the vast majority of people who own them possess neither the skill nor expertise to properly use them.

But a ban will do nothing to prevent their use or purchase. Far too many of them already exist in the US, and such a ban would just create a black market, much like drugs, for them.

I also oppose more extreme solutions (banning all firearms, for example) because I actually know how to safely use a firearm. This is from experience both in the military and in civilian life. As a Boy Scout, I not only took a firearm safety course, I also was a junior instructor. I was trained on using automatic weapons in the military. I also go shooting with my father and sons a few times a year. My father owns the weapons, but I have no personal desire to own a firearm. I'm happy just paying for ammunition and letting him maintain the weapons. Again, these are *not* assault weapons.

I've found many on the left who are particularly opposed to guns to have no experience with them. Yet, many Americans own their own handguns and know how to safely and properly use them. An outright ban would harm them. Ironically, it would also hurt the environment people on the left care so much about because it would adversely affect hunting which can control things like deer overpopulation.

I often consider the "gun problem" to be a cultural one. Look at how gun sales were high during the Obama administration. People were buying out of fear of loss of those guns despite there being absolutely no significant legislation during those 8 years. People also own multiple guns (Why? You can't fire two handguns and three rifles all at the same time) for "self defense". No ban is going to change those attitudes nor reduce the number of weapons in society.

Don't get me wrong. I wish there was a way to eliminate assault rifles and other weapons whose sole purpose is to maximize how fast you can kill the largest number of people. Those are not the types of weapons the authors of the Constitution had in mind when writing the 2nd Amendment to provide for the security of local militias. I also wish there was a way to eliminate them while allowing responsible people to own and use regular firearms. I just don't see an outright ban doing any good towards those ends.