My overall political view is libertarian.  This means that I agree with the right on most economic issues but I agree with the left on many social issues, particularly those issues that involve freedom of choice.  Many on the right view a fetus as a human being and abortion as murder.  At some point in the development of the fetus I believe becomes true.  The important decision is at what point?  I have heard many arguments on both sides but the view which has resonated the most for me was articulated by Carl Sagan in his book the Dragons of Eden.  I am quoting from memory but Sagan said that he believed the large neo-cortex in the human brain was the most distinguishing feature of humans.  The neo-cortex does not finish forming until roughly six months into the pregnancy.  Therefore, he suggested that before six months abortion should not be considered murder.  Interestingly this view is congruent with much of current law on abortion.