While I am generally liberal and believe that government can be broadly effective and that certain essential services must be provided by the government to all citizens as basic rights, I also believe that there is significant room for improvement in terms of which programs are prioritized based on effectiveness and return on investment, as well as efficiencies that can be gained by making proper measurements and visibility to costs and success criteria.  I do not believe that government should just be broadly cut or that all services belong in the domain of the marketplace, but I do believe that current overspending versus tax inflows is not sustainable and should be prioritized.  My beliefs are rooted in a small town, low income, Christian upbringing; that you provide for your family and neighbors in need, participate as a citizen and taxpayer for the good of the community, while also making conservative financial decisions, taking/using only what you truly need, saving for the rainy days the surely will come.  These conservative financial beliefs have also been reinforced over my career in business and management positions, where operating within a budget, knowing your goals, prioritizing initiatives, and measuring your progress toward achieving them, are essential for positive outcomes.