In general, people on the right oppose abortion because it results in the death of a living human being.  They believe that life starts at conception and that society must do everything in its power to maintain that life, irrespective of the cost.  I disagree with the premise that there should be no cost limit.  The easiest cost argument to make relates to the cost to the mother.  If the life of the fetus negatively impacts the health of the mother, many people would allow her to value her health more than that of the fetus.  If a woman does not want to bear a child, then it is difficult for society to compel her to carry it to viability without harm to the fetus.  I think the Supreme Court had it correct, that at viability, society can value the life of the unborn separately, as it can continue to live without harming the mother even if that harm is only psychological or emotional.  Before viability, I value the mothers life more than the fetus, and so I think she must be able to choose to end the fetus's life if she can't stand the impact on her own life (including emotional life).  I do think there should be a cost associated with the needless destruction of any living creature.  I think abortion is a horrible method of birth control, and people who elect this should also get some long term form of birth control (perhaps implanted), until they are really ready to have a child.  The destruction of embryos during IVF makes me queasy, and I think that there needs to be a penalty/cost for every embryo killed.

Bottom line, I think that abortion must be legal, because we cannot support the fetus without the mother, and I value the mother more than the fetus.