Our nation has talked over the last several decades about SS running out of money, but the legislators keep kicking the can down the road. I don't believe in deficit spending as it puts the burden to pay the deficits back on our kids, their kids, and the generations that follow. We need to fix the problem now. Same with Medicare. There are some simple fixes, but no one has the fortitude to correct them. Grandfather everyone in the programs currently. Provide a 5 year implementation time period for those close to retirement to get things in order and understand the impact of the changes coming. Why stop SS taxes at $128,000? We should implement the tax across a persons income, and not put any limits on only an individuals first $128,000 of income. This will increase the pool of dollars available for helping to preserve the system. Limit the benefits able to be garnered, or tax them at higher rates for those individuals that have large incomes in retirement. This is a safety net program, not a retirement program. So if you are fortunate enough to have a great pension at work, make a lot of money during your lifetime so that you are set for retirement, these safety net dollars should be allocated to others that need them to have enough for a basic income in retirement. Update the inflation index to payments to match the actual inflation numbers more closely as this will reduce the increases over time. Same for Medicare/Medicaid. The only way the system works is if everyone pays in. If our policy is to treat anyone that comes into an ER then everyone should have to carry insurance, in case an accident happens and they need it. If you want to drive a car on the roads in the US, you buy insurance to do that. Hopefully you never need to use that insurance. We need to look at the use of hospitals in the same way.