I don't think there's a particular satisfying solution to issues around paying for healthcare in our country currently. Though in general I am in favor of less government involvement, I think this is one, major case where it makes the most sense for the government to step in a provide healthcare coverage for all citizens. I have a couple of reasons for thinking this: (1) we don't currently have a free-market system and the mix of pseudo-free market and government input seems to me to be worse (less efficient) than a single payer system managed by the gov't would be, (2) I think, whether we like it or not, there's been a cultural shift to seeing healthcare as a basic right -- I don't think that that's going to change anytime soon, (3) I think a lot of the potential problems brought up by right-wingers regarding socialized medicine really have to do with downstream effects of an unpatriotic and corrupt immigration system (I would like to see more restrictions on immigration before a more socialized form of healthcare was implemented).