After it has been reported that a school officer refused to enter a school, other school teachers and officials are saying they ‘don’t get paid enough to die’. President Trump’s solution is that they will get a bonus to carry a weapon and defend the school. Sure three weeks of training after school in the art of protecting children is the answer in this instance. I know as a parent, I would not want to put the safety of my children in the hands of a weekend warrior who also happens to teach pottery or history. Who is fooling who!

The bigger issue is the second amendment and whether we still need it in this country. We spend millions upon millions of dollars on having several institutions that are protecting our interests at home and abroad such as the CIA, FBI, USMS, DHS, ATF, DEA etc… Yet our President suggests that we need to return to a community militia mindset in our public schools so we can protect our children from people who want to do them harm. Wake up President Trump, your citizens should not have guns. The shoot up mentality of yesteryears are over. We have become a civilized society and allowing untrained people to solve their own problems with automatic weapons is not the answer. 

As The Rolling Stone magazine pointed out in an article back in 2016, “The Second Amendment needs to be repealed because it is outdated, a threat to liberty and a suicide pact. When the Second Amendment was adopted in 1791, there were no weapons remotely like the AR-15 assault rifle and many of the advances of modern weaponry were long from being invented or popularized.” Thus repealing the second amendment is something we should be requesting instead of trying to add restrictions that will only be a band aid on the larger problem of allowing untrained citizens to determine for themselves right from wrong. Or even worse allowing  these same citizens to decide that shooting at crowds of unarmed individuals is a right in this land of the free; America.