Many progressives and those who see themselves as leftist in the American political discourse seem to believe that Donald Trump genuinely colluded with Putin and Russia in the 2016 election and that he serves Russian interests as the current president.  I would agree with other progressives that Trump is an awful president who is damaging to our country, and I also genuinely wish that he was not our president.  However, I remain skeptical of the Russiagate narrative and the attitudes of progressives who believe it.  Firstly, I find it suspicious that the narrative is one largely promoted by our intelligence agencies.  While this isn't to say that Russian actors did not interfere in the 2016 election, I find myself dubious about the idea of supporting the FBI, CIA, and NSA and their evidence without any skepticism or doubt.  These are the same agencies that targeted leftist groups in the 1960s and promoted the false narrative that led us into the Iraqi War in 2003.  I don't see these groups as allies and don't understand leftists who, seeing a way to take down Trump, wholeheartedly trust their narratives.  The enemy of my enemy is not actually always my friend.  Furthermore, even if it is genuinely true that Russia intervened in our election, I believe the argument that it was more to destabilize our democracy than to elect Trump.  Those progressives who believe that Trump colluded with Russia seem to have a higher estimate of his capabilities than I do - I think that Trump is too incompetent and bumbling to have successfully pulled off an operation.  I can more easily believe that Putin was successful in destabilizing our democracy than that Trump played an active role.  Finally, given my doubts about Trump's collusion and my general distaste for Republican politicians in general, I am additionally skeptical of the importance that many progressives place on the Russiagate narrative.  I would rather that progressive organizations such as MSNBC focus on the actions Trump and Republicans in Congress are actually taking to damage our country rather than working together with the FBI to prove a dubious narrative.  Even if Mueller succeeds in turning up evidence and the 2018 elections yield a Democratic majority, rather than impeaching Trump and getting Pence, a superficially more normal but equally reprehensible president, I would prefer that Democrats focus on blocking Trump's horrific policies and enacting better ones.  I think that what actually happens in the nation is more significant that Russia's possible actions in our elections - after all, the US has meddled in plenty of other elections throughout our history, and, in the end, American votes are American votes.  If Americans weren't spreading the kind of propaganda that they spread, then Russian voices would not have convinced Americans of anything much - the problem lies within our nation and is not due merely to foreign interference.