I believe that Labor Unions are passe.They served an important purpose in our country's history but today they have become too controlling. Union bargaining is now a political game and is used to maintain power for a few. In the past Unions made sure working conditions and benefits were in the best interests of the union member. Today it is about getting dues for maintaining political clout. The teacher's union is not about providing the best education for our children but only about job security without taking performance into consideration. Unions have lead to mediocre behavior in the workplace. If you are a Democrat, it is expected  that you support unions. I think today there are better means for companies to work with their employees to provide decent wages and benefits. Several industries have never fully recovered from union strikes and suffered long term losses. Strikes may not be in the best interest of all employees even though Union bosses may think so. There is a tremendous amount of pressure  on employees to belong and conform. Ideally, profit and ownership sharing will lead to greater production.