Being the pre-eminent example of a rare country not traditionally defined by an ethnicity, we in the U.S. have always relied on immigration to populate our nation. Everyone who founded this country was an immigrant at some point in their history; even the so-called Native Americans. We would not be the successful nation we are today if it were not for immigration. While a case can be made for limited and selective immigration, fundamentally we cannot deny that openness to immigrants is part of the warp and woof of our nation. Immigrants do essential jobs that native-born Americans are too proud to hold. While I take a dim view of illegal immigration, I think it is irrefutable that even they are an essential part of our economy in harvesting food and doing other jobs that, again, natives turn their noses up at. Moreover, because we aren't birthing new citizens at at least the replacement rate (due to the culture of contraception and abortion), we need immigrants to pay into Social Security and fill jobs needed to sustain the retired population. We simply don't have enough natives to sustain our economy (demographic winter). Moreover, we need to welcome refugees and those who are fleeing tragic situations because to do so is an act of love and the right thing to do. That being said, I do believe it is important to limit immigration to a level where we can culturally absorb them without causing a deleterious imbalance. For example, we would not want to admit so many people who have a cultural allegiance that would undermine our existence as a state, our concept of the rule of law, and the Western values that we hold dear, that we end up with a majority who are effectively enemies of our way of life and our culture. I also acknowledge that it is a difficult issue -- there are reports I've heard of the serious danger posed by certain immigrants in certain European countries. It's a balancing act. I think that we have to treat the topic as a difficult one without simple, pat answers. We need to acknowledge the merits and concerns of both sides on the issue, and not have a knee-jerk reaction.