Some people  think borders are bad. They believe the U.S.A. should welcome the poor, the handicapped and disadvantaged.  There should be no barriers to anyone who wants to come.

I have a big heart and I understand wanting to offer a better life to all the downtrodden.  Come to the USA and we will take care of you.   Sounds so magnanimous. 

But on a practical level it can't  work.  The USA already has a huge population of poor, uneducated disadvantaged people, and we barely take care of them. Conservatives are holding the purse strings today,  and they are shutting  down social services and withdrawing funds from the public school system.  They have no interest in serving the needs of the disadvantaged, regardless of their birthplace. 

If we remove the borders so anyone can come into the USA at any time, our resources will be stretched beyond their limit and everyone will suffer.  In the most extreme case, when the resources are cut to the bare minimum,  the less advantaged could rise up against the government.  People with allegiances to only themselves are standing on the side right now, ready to lead these groups.

This sounds so extreme; and of course nothing happens overnight.  But it is possible.
These days anything seems possible.

Keep our borders in tact, manage the flow of immigration and make sure we take care of the people already here in the U.S.A.