One of the basic tenets of liberalism is "power to the people". Guns are power. They defend the weak from the strong. Without guns, strong young men will dominate everyone else like they universally did until modern times.

Even people who nominally hate guns and would ban them from the civilian population still recognize their use in security and defense, they just deny that security and defense to the majority of the population. Witness how many rich politicians and celebrities surround themselves with armed bodyguards and security in public while advocating for gun control. Well it's easy to forgo guns when you can hire a personal security detail to guard you. The rest of us don't have that privilege, and must take our safety and security into our own hands. A $300 handgun or shotgun is to a poor or middle class person what a $60k security team is to a rich politician: the ability to keep violence away from themselves and their family. Deterrence, prevention, and if necessary, neutralization of the violent threat.

Don't accuse me of hypocrisy. I would gladly see the black population armed. There'd be fewer black men and women dead at the hands of police. I'd gladly see transgender people armed. There'd be fewer dead at the hands of their bigoted neighbors. I'd like to see more women carry guns to ward off the ever present threat of rape and sexual assault. These are problems no one is going to swoop in and solve for us. We need to take responsibility for our own safety and defense ourselves.