I hate guns. I do not want to own one, hold one, or even see one. I don't have much experience with them, but they represent the potential for ending a life or doing life-altering damage in just a split second. Once you pull the trigger you cannot change your mind. It differs from other dangerous things because there isn't much separating the decision to use one and actually shooting someone. No time to cool off if you're angry. It allows emotions to make decisions without input from the brain. I've heard that having a gun in ones home is the single biggest risk factor for getting shot.
And yet... there's the second amendment. All I ever hear from second amendment folks is that good guys with guns make us safer. I don't buy that for a second. I don't even care about the hunting argument. But there is one reason we must uphold the 2nd amendment and that is to protect ourselves from the government. Until a year ago, it didn't seem likely that we would need to protect ourselves from government. I think most of us believed that most people would be treated fairly and ethically most of the time when dealing with government. But that's not the case anymore. Remember Trump's threat to imprison Clinton? And the Republican majority that I hoped would be a buffer from Trump's craziest ideas has shown their true colors. We can't call ourselves a democracy when the president is locking up his former opponents, with very little pretense about it. If this is how he behaves before he's even run for a second term, how bad is it going to get if he wins a second term? What if he wants to lock up all registered dems and he orders the police or the military to do so? Our only chance is to fight for our freedom with guns, the way our founding fathers did. We need to be able to make the agents of the government think twice before taking away our freedom, and guns are the only way we stand a chance.