I believe our government is ineffectively spending the current funding it receives, and that throwing more money at a situation is not always the right answer.  I think we need to step back and assess the problem we are trying to solve, and find the *most efficient* and most *cost effective* solution to the issue.

In some cases, this aligns with those on the left (i.e. universal health care).  In many cases though, the debate devolves into "more money" or "less money" vs. "well spent money".  In my own experience with local government, I saw this firsthand in the public school system. 
The schools made a (smart) decision to outsource their custodial services.  The job function is not a key area of expertise of schools, and the school was getting more/better results by outsourcing.  Then, in a political move, the school went back to in-sourcing janitorial to retain more dollars "in house".  The result was less for more money.  To me, that's just wasting my hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Instead, we need to approach running the government like we would a successful business.  The system is so broken I would presume we could get 25-35% better results *with the same spending* if we just spent some time to streamline, focus, and ensure we are using our taxpayer dollars wisely.  I don't want to continue to throw money into a black box where incompetent people, systems and processes reduce their impact on solving the real problems.