I believe that the historic "conservative" side of the political spectrum has lost its way.  Conservatism used to be about small, un-intrusive government.  Now Conservatism is being collectively recalibrated to include so-called Christian and so-called Evangelical moral values, and the idea that government should enforce these values on people who may not agree with them.  I think this is wrong.  Tongue-in-cheek, I align more with those who say that "Democrats should stay out of the boardroom, and Republicans should stay out of the bedroom."

Furthermore, I don't really think that the government has any business regulating or licensing or making laws about marriage, at all.  I regard marriage as a religious rite, and think it should stay that way.  I think states and the federal government should move toward a place where anyone can marry anyone they want to -- because "marriage" is ONLY a property of religious belief.  No law should contemplate the marital state of an individual, in any way.  Property rights, powers of attorney and medical instruction, last wills, etc, should be completely neutral, and left up to the individual; i.e. any two (or more) people who want to contractually bind themselves should be able to do that without restriction (within reason).

I find myself moving farther and farther away from association with either of the two large political parties.  (I used to identify as a Republican.)  I'm much more aligned with the moderate parts of the Libertarian Party now.