We should consider Ending DACA program or No Dreamers program to illegal immigrants residents in America.

Our President wants to get America great again and put America first on all policies, the president also wants to build a wall along the US and Mexico borders to deter illegal immigrants coming to America. Stopping the Dreamers policy will support the notion to get America great again.

The majority of Dreamers are of Mexican heritage, they came to US for better living to provide dreams for theselves and their children.  Some bad Dreamers use the loophole of the policy to hid in US. These criminals dreamers reside in US and showing their bad behavior in our society, they behave like theft, raptist, robbery and killer. 

I personally is a direct result of the chain immigration. When I arrived at US,  I had a hard time to adjust.  During those  days, I never thought of being a theft, raptist and drugs dealer to harm US. That is why so important  to end the deamers to come in,  while we're making America great again.