I'm here to tell you why GMO foods are completely reasonable.

As many will tell you, mankind has been engaging in genetic modification for millennia.  Our versions of wheat, corn (maize), and other crops are human-modified by selective breeding.  Dogs are no longer wolves.  Cattle are no longer their frightening aurochs ancestors, but are rather bred for docility.

Genetic modifications are little more threatening than these species.  The modified genetics of food crops goes only a small way into producing oddities, and those oddities are beneficial for humans.  Much has been written about the rice variety that also provides vitamin-A, a required nutrient missing from many human diets.  Other varieties can be explored as well.

That's not to say that our corporate colleagues always use GMO to good ends.  I believe that GMO techniques are applied by corporations like Monsanto to allow some crops to resist the pesticide Round-Up, and I don't agree with the widespread use of Round-Up.  But this is not an issue with GMO techniques themselves.  This is a mis-use of GMO techniques in a larger disagreeable enterprise.