While I believe that many less fortunate members of our society require social help, I'm also convinced that those people should strive to improve their situation.  They should be encouraged in bettering themselves by the appropriate withdrawal of social help.

My party's belief regarding social help, which I largely share, is as follows:

* Socially weaker members of society who are unable to earn enough for risk-free living should be entitled to social help.
* Retired people should be guaranteed a level of income that would allow them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
* People should be given free basic healthcare and education or vocational training to be able to participate in the workforce.
* Society should recognize that substance abuse is an illness and should offer anyone free counselling/treatment.

However, this system is ripe for abuse.  I believe that people who have become socially dependent due to their own faults or have shown no desire to improve their social situation should have much of their benefits limited or withdrawn.  For example:

* A person who abused their right to free education to receive a degree that renders them unemployable may only receive vocational training determined by their society, and not unemployment benefits.  In other words, no unemployment benefits for college-level degrees if there are no other mitigating factors (chronic illness, for example).
* A person abusing medical care may have free care withdrawn (drug addicts, alcoholics, etc., who don't avail of the treatment as outlined above).

In some regards, we respect the personal choices of adults.  Whether it's voting, gun ownership, car ownership and driving habits, and much more.  While we should recognize that not all of us are equally fortunate and should do everything to help the lesser ones, we should respect all personal choices and treat people accordingly.