Hello, My name is Mary Jo and I am a Ophthalmic Technician in a large Ophthalmology practice in the DC/NorthernVirginia metro area, which is full of immigrants both legal and illegal. It is an extremely diverse area with people from all over the world!  While many patients I see are on VaMedicaid and from Middle Eastern countries with no jobs, no grasp of the language and little love of America, many are also Hispanic.  They are very polite, very grateful for the opportunity to receive such fine medical care, and most of all, they are fellow Catholics/Christians and extremely hard workers who seem to truly be trying to make a good life here.  I am Catholic as well.   Several times a year a great team of 3 ladies clean our home.....a very hard working team does our yard work from March to November and many times we have hired local 'immigrants" to do heavy work we are now getting to old to do ourselves.  I talk with all of these people and am honestly impressed with their devotion to family , faith and community.  They work longer harder hours than anyone else I know without complaint.
    I know that , as a Conservative, I should join in being more hard-core 'deport them all".  I am very much in favor of deporting every single gang member or criminal and do not want them in my community.  I want 'the wall' to help stop the endless flow of drugs into the USA and of course I believe in LEGAL immigration going forward.
   But, those good, kind, hard working immigrants attempting to make a better life here for their children.....I believe they should be given a path to citizenship.  I don't feel that sending them back would be beneficial to them or to my community.  Daily personal experience has shown me that there are good "illegals" and bad ones too.