I do not believe that abortion is as black or white as both the left and right tend to believe.   I am a 67 years old white male.   I have one son who is 30 and is a medical doctor.   I have been a full time single parent since he was a year old.   His mother and I were married for 13 years before we made the conscious decision to have a child.  When she was pregnant she had deep concerns about continuing the pregnancy.  At the time I told her that I would support her having an abortion.  Since then I have changed my mind and would no longer support that.   Being a father has change my life in immeasurable ways and has been the most fulfilling thing I've done in my life. I no longer believe that the woman should necessarily have to only say in whether she gets an abortion or not.   I believe that the rights of the mother, the father and the child all need to be considered.  While I understand that the mother's body is bearing a major share of the pregnancy's physical impact, I believe that is very narrow minded to use that single element as the sole decider has to who has the final say.  The father is certainly very involved from a biological and genetic standpoint.   And usually from an emotional, physical and economic standpoint.  The "MeToo" movement has rightly brought to light the power imbalance between men and woman in numerous areas of our society.   But in the area of family and children I strongly believe that there is the opposite imbalance.  As a full time single father I have often experienced the assumption by much of our society that the women holds the major share of decision making power with regard to the family.   I believe that balance needs to be restored in this area.  That said, I do not believe that there is an easy solution to the question of how to manage the abortion decision.  As with many of life's events there is no easy answer.  Patience, communication, trust and consideration of each individual situation are very necessary.