When I was a younger woman, I believed in a woman's right to abort a pregnancy for reasons of her own, including a desire not to expose herself to parental disapproval or approbation, a pregnancy that is unplanned and poorly timed, e.g. during college or prior to marriage, and a pregnancy that complicated the pursuit of a career.  I viewed the pregnancy as a young women's problem to be solved and abortion as a viable solution.

As a mother and a more mature person, I now view abortion through the lens of the impact on the life of the child.  I view each child as a gift from God with a right to life.  I have no quarrel with birth control that prevents pregnancy, and I support and encourage women and men to use the available technology to prevent pregnancy.

However, I view pregnancies that occur and are viable as blessings and the children conceived through no fault of their own, as deserving of life.

I make exceptions for pregnancies that put the life of a woman at risk, and for those in which the embryo is not viable, and for incest.  I am unconvinced that a child conceived of rape must be killed, but I allow that this decision should be made by the mother.  I respect each woman to make the decision in such circumstances in consultation with her medical advisors. 

For pregnancies that are unwanted, I maintain that the child should live and experience life and love with other parental figures.  I recognize that challenges for such children are great, but I maintain that they should be permitted the chance to live.