I grew up as a Reagan conservative, learning that government isn't the solution, it's often the problem. There may be a lot of good LEOs, but at the end of the day it's government work. The Broward County Sheriff and his deputies provide a case in point: They did not run toward the guns when everyone was running the other way. They stood outside the building debating about what to do next. The person doing the shooting was known to them: They had previously shielded him from harsher scrutiny within the confines of a government program where fewer arrests meant bigger grants. Other people died for their failures.

Whether you are talking about Black Lives Matter, the Drug War and Asset Forfeiture or no-knock raids on the wrong house, the police are another sector of government workers whose incentives may not always line up with what public safety requires. To fail to understand this and to fail to hold bad or incompetent cops accountable is to jeopardize the lives and liberties of our fellow citizens. Some things just aren't good enough for government work.