After working in Manufacturing for over 30 years I have seen the damage that compulsory union membership has on a company and their workforce.   Employees should have every right to form and join a union but should not be compelled to do so as in states that have "closed shop" laws.  While many companies have put themselves at risk due to poor management, many are also hamstrung by the union contracts that constrain their ability to be agile with their workforce in today's competitive environments.  The ability to move quickly to address inefficiencies in the workplace is the difference between success and failure.  Many times unions are more concerned with protecting their stream of income from dues paying members than by helping their members by keeping their employers competitive and their jobs secure.  Outdated work rules and inflexibility by union leadership that reward seniority vs ability reduce the ability for companies to affect change.  In states that have right to work laws , even companies with a union work force are more competitive because the union leadership realizes that in order for them to maintain their membership they must truly represent the employee's interests vs. those of the union.  This does not require a loss of jobs or a reduction in pay or benefits just a commitment to a sustainable long term vision for both the employees and the company.  This generally does not happen without the pressure that right to work laws can have.