I feel that many Americans who identify as politically liberal take a reflexly anti-Israel position.  Palestinian messaging has managed to convince many liberals in the US and Europe that they represent a persecuted minority and by doing this, they have placed themselves as in need of support.  In fact, I believe that Israel is posed with a very real security threat which liberals tend to ignore.  The fact that Israel does what it can to protect its citizens with minimal impact on Palestinians is routinely overlooked as are the many decidedly non-liberal things which happen in the Palestinian territories.  Schools are used to teach hate.  Women are oppressed.  Dissent is quashed and there is widespread corruption and wholesale theft from donors trying to support the Palestinian cause.  All this is ignored and the calculus simplified in ways that ignore what should be driving values.  While I certainly don't hold Israel blameless for much of the conflict, I find it surprising that self-identified liberals side against Israel.