The general Democratic Party (DP) platform and policy ideas expressed by leading Members of Congress indicate the the DP would leave immigration law much as it is but allow special treatment for the "Dreamers," those brought to the US illegally as children who have joined the military, are gainfully employed, and have at least a high school degree. Indeed, most of the DP refers to them as "immigrants" or "undocumented immigrants" as if not having legal immigration status is simply a formality that can be brushed aside.

It can't. Immigrants have entered the US legally with immigrant visas/refugee status/properly adjusted their (legal) status from nonimmigrant to immigrant. Entering the US illegally (including overstaying an immigrant visa) is breaking the law. Why does the DP want to reward those who broke the law? Why does the DP want to give them legal status while hundreds of thousands of potential immigrants wait patiently overseas for their immigrant visas? Why is this  a problem that deserves Congressional/Presidential attention? The Dreamers were children when they entered the US, but their parents/other relatives (generally here illegally themselves) who brought them here. Why doesn't anyone say, it's not my problem, blame your parents? Potential immigrants waiting overseas are doing the right thing by waiting in line until their place is reached. The Dreamers want special treatment because they were just kids when they came here (illegally).

No special treatment, no jumping the queue. They and their parents need to return to their country of previous residence/origin and find a legal way to enter the US. If there isn't a way, well, the Dreamers benefitted from the US public education system and can use their US-given education to assist their home country to better itself.