I am an individualist.  I strongly believe in individual rights but I also believe that it is govenment's duty to protect those rights and that includes the rights to good health care, good education and an environment which encourages industriousness and provides opportunities for such effort.  Further, I consider myself an environmentalist and am against hydrofracking.  I am also a strong believer in labor unions although I was only a member of one for less than a year 45 years ago which tends to be a leftist belief.  But as to guns, although not against background checking, I think the current effort to restrict assault rifles is misplaced.  An AR-15 is an excellent home protection rifle, particularly for women as the recoil is low.  Personally I have a 12 gauge shotgun for home defense but it damn near knocks me off my feet.  I think there should be a national gun permit which includes pistols, overrides any state or local law and does not restrict the type of gun with the possible exception of fully auto rifles like the M-16 but even then there should be a way for an individual to legally own one.  Other than that 12 gauge I do not own any guns and do not have a pistol permit but know many who do and even have a relative in another state who is a gunsmith.  My reason for not owning another gun or a better one for home defense is the lack of time to properly learn their care and handling, and frankly although over the years I have shot many different weapons, including military grade ones, I have other greater interests which take up my time.  But that's back to my individuality and others who want to do this should have a right.  I hate to bring up that old saw but guns don't kill people, people kill people (and lets not forget the carnage on the roads).