Many leftists are concerned about GMOs in their food and call for labeling requirements or bans on GMOs. It is understandable that people are concerned about GMOs because they are often associated with chemical companies or big agricultural businesses that leftists have valid reasons to mistrust. However, while GMOs can and have been used to increase resistance to pesticides/herbicides, leading to increased use and harm to our environment and to native animal and plant species, and even to farmers who have not adopted GMO seed, GMOs also may be used for positive reasons. For instance, they have been developed to increase the nutritional value of food crops. Particularly in countries with severe poverty and limited food resources, these uses of GMOs can be high value, and while not outweighing the negatives, should be considered when considering GMOs overall. If the left succeeds in chilling the use of GMOs, it may lead to less research and development of beneficial uses of this technology.