Our current welfare system is flawed. While I feel strongly that we need to support issues related to hunger such as breakfasts for children or food stamps for families, I balk at the need to provide other income to families.

What we should be providing is jobs where a person can work. Supporting a person with a drug habit, for instance, rankles me. I can understand that some people are too ill to work, but I also strongly feel that retraining a person for a job that can pay the dependent person and thus support or at least partially support the person is mandatory. I do not see our current welfare system providing for this self-help approach.

Some of these jobs can come from the government sector: like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the Great Depression. Jobs that train for skills or that maintain our public sector would go a long way to provide a service and a job instead of using the welfare system that tends to create more welfare recipients.