During recent public discussions of immigration policy, the 'left' (Democratic party & 'progressives') seem to have adopted a position according to which there is almost no need for the US government to control immigration, and that any attempts to do so are either racist or contrary to our tradition of being generally accepting of immigrants.  I don't dispute that there is a conflict with U.S. tradition; but I do claim that conditions have changed, that the U.S. has become more crowded and the rest of the world has become such an abundant source of persons seeking refuge that we must protect our borders and be more selective than we historically have been.  I favor an accommodation for 'childhood arrivals' and for persons who have been living here for so long that they effectively have no homeland other than the U.S.; but relatively recent undocumented or illegal immigrants should not be extended any particular welcome, and they should be subject to deportation.  Some thought must be given to the practicality of any policy adopted: we should not, for example, contemplate a process that will require millions of immigration hearings and take decades to complete.  But an immediate tightening of border security, and some means of ensuring that fewer people can simply overstay a visa seems entirely appropriate to me.