I understand many of the issues that produce racial or ethnic or gender discrimination, and I understand that some of these have in the past caused some people to have an unfair disadvantage in things like schooling, employment, and the like.

However, discriminating in favor of them is still discrimination, and it is fundamentally unfair.  I believe it is often impossible to undo the errors of the past, and I think it is generally impossible or unrealistic to try to compensate large swaths of society for real or perceived prior wrongs.  To me, it is proper to say, "OK, from this moment forward we play fair..."  But it is not proper, and not fair, to say, "OK, you (or your ancestors, or their ancestors, ad infinitum) got an unfairly bad deal, so now you get an unfairly good deal."

Also, it is often true that discriminating in favor of a group infantilizes them, makes them somewhat more dependent than they'd otherwise be.