Many pregnant women who want to terminate their pregnancy by abortion feel this way because they believe they have no better choice. Having a child is an expensive, scary proposition when you don't have the support of your family or society in general. Having a child will change your life in ways that could hinder your ability to pursue a career, education, or other plans one may have had for their life.
But aborting a fetus is still terminating a life. A fetus as young as 8 weeks has a beating heart. Whether you believe life begins at conception or not, it is hard to argue that stopping a beating heart of a human fetus is not terminating human life. And while a human life so immature may be easy to discount since it's brain cannot yet think or perhaps its nerves cannot feel pain, one cannot explain away the truth that a life has been taken.  While one may want to believe this immature life form does not matter as much as the grown woman in which it relies on for life, how can we judge whose life has more value?
I do not want one more life taken by abortion. To reduce the prevalence of abortions I would like our society to take much better care of women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant so that they do not feel having a child will ruin their opportunities in life. We should make services available to pregnant women to teach them the skills to be confident new moms, and to make education and jobs easily accessible to them, by providing child care. We should make contraception education available to all teens, and not make it difficult to access contraception. We should also help our younger generations navigate the hyper-sexualized messages they receive thru media and society so they make better choices that don't result in unwanted pregnancy.
I would like to see both the supply and demand for abortion disappear. If abortion were made illegal that would take care of the supply. If our society made better decisions to prevent unwanted pregnancies and cared more for those in that situation, that would take care of the demand.