"While I am quite Left on economic and social issues, and support significant freedoms from conventional attitudes, I subscribe  the philosophy of ""The Seamless Garment"", as postulated  by the late Cardinal Bernardin. I oppose War, Capital Punishment, and Abortion as actions and attitudes that are counter to Life.  Support for abortion often accompanies a seeming indifference to the effects and to life affirming philosophy.  Most people identified as On the Left take support for Abortion as a fundamental right. they generally oppose war and Capital Punishment, but fail on Abortion; I am not an absolutist in every case but the underlying opposition is important.  The leading movement of the ""Pro=-Life""movement express little support for Life, except for fetal life.  They do not publicly oppose War or Capital Punishment, nor support health care or early childhood supports, just oppose abortion. I am not with them either.   My position has long put me in opposition to the positions of my parents growing up, as well as with my wife and now grown children.  "