I believe that nuclear power is a 'good' energy source, in that it is low carbon, low emissions and has the ability to generate extremely large (1000s of MW) of electricity to power our modern society. In this I differ from most of my colleagues on the left, many of whom are very anti-nuclear b/c of its environmental effects, the difficulty of storing used nuclear rods, and its link with nuclear (bomb) weaponry and proliferation. In spite of the growing use of alternative fuels including solar and wind, nuclear generates extremely large amounts of electricity and those jurisdictions that use it -- I'm thinking here of France and the Canadian province of Ontario -- rely on it for a very large percentage of their electrical power. While Ontario phased out its coal plants, there was no realistic way to phase out nuclear. I respect Greenpeace and other left-wing orgs that strive to reduce nuclear weaponry but I believe that safe peaceful nuclear power is possible, and even desirable, in a complex and power hungry society such as our own -- and it's much better than greenhouse-gas-creating power sources such as coal and even natural gas.